Name: Alex Steed

Age: 19

Major: history / linguistics

What was the first thing that came to your mind as I approached you?

This guy is in an excellent band, I think.

What do you want to do with your degree?

Work at the mall for the rest of my life.

Where are you from?

Cornish (“Cahnish”), ME

What is your favorite thing about classes?

I love the people as much as I hate the people. It keeps me yin and yang.

Do you have any roommates?

I do. We live in Portland’s East End.

Are you a night owl or and early bird?

Early bird-I go to bed at 10. That might be the lamest answer thus far.

What do you do for fun?

I read a lot. This being the second lamest answer thus far.

What was your worst dating experience?

I saw “Boogie Nights” in the theater with this girl from high school. I brought my friend Matt with me for safety. A) I didn’t realize it was a movie about porno. B) My arm fell asleep and started convulsing on my date when it shows Marky Mark’s HUGE penis.

Are you in any clubs at USM?

I am in multicultural students. I am the token Scot.

If you could start any club at USM what would it be?

It would probably have something to do with cracking down on the people who think they “settled” for USM and wish they were in Orono and make fun of their classmates behind their back.

What would make this school even better?

Less snow, more cancerous rays.

Any advice for USM students?

Less Abercrombie-You all look exactly the same!

What was the hardest thing about this interview?

Looking my damn sexiest for the picture, obviously.


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