The 7 Day Procrastination Plan

These are seven strategies you can use to overcome procrastination. The suggestions are tied to the days of the week to make them easier to remember!

On Monday, Make it Meaningful

Ask why is the task important? If you’ve been putting it off, take a moment to list all the benefits of getting it done. Look at the task in perspective of your goals. Be specific about the rewards and benefits of completing the task.

On Tuesday, Take it Apart

Break big jobs into small parts – procrastinators tend to view tasks as large projects rather than seeing the smaller components. Make each task something you can accomplish in 15-30 minutes. If a reading assignment is long, break it into three sections and cross each section off as you complete it.

On Wednesday, Write an intention statement

Intention statements put your goals and the rewards for accomplishing them right in front of your eyes. For example, if you have a term paper to write that you can’t seem to get started, write yourself an intention statement that says, “I intend to write a list of at least ten possible topics for my term paper by 9 pm. I will reward myself with an hour of guilt free recreational reading.”

On Thursday, Tell everyone

Announce your goals publicly. Use friends, family, roommates as a means of increasing your motivation.

On Friday, Find a reward

Give yourself small rewards each time you complete a chunk of a larger project. Choose an actual reward, not something you plan to do anyway. Movies, clothes, or time doing a fun pastime can be much more enjoyable when you feel you’ve earned it.

On Saturday, Settle it now

Do it – Now! The minute you find yourself procrastinating, plunge into the task. Think of trying to get into a cold swimming pool – it’s often less painful to just jump right in.

On Sunday, Say NO

When you notice yourself continually pushing a task off, reexamine whether you really want or need to do it at all. It’s better to drop something you don’t intend to ever do than to continually procrastinate on it.



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