The Astrological Weather Affecting Us All:

The Libra New Moon on 10/6 starts the week off right. New Moons mean new beginnings! *Sun sextile Pluto 10/7~9 at 15 Libra/Sag. Opportunities arise to get right with money, sex and power issues. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy in that many folks have talents and abilities with which they are uncomfortable. Imagine a gifted artist whose family denigrates art. That artist will not bloom until he/she changes attitudes and beliefs about being an artist. How about you? Find expression for your hidden talent!

*Venus stands still and turns retrograde 10/10 until 11/21 at 16 Scorpio. Time to re-assess your feelings about relationships and possessions. Passions run stronger now with Venus in Scorpio. But what you think you want may not be what you really need. Often we desire material objects and wealth as a substitute for love and connection. If you’ve been chasing after some thing/one, but haven’t succeeded, slow down and reconsider what it is you truly desire.

*Mercury enters Libra 10/11 until 10/31. Communications of a social and/or romantic nature. Discrimination in making choices can lead to indecision, as it is easier now to see both sides of an issue. Notice any tendency to become more judgmental of others’ actions. Keep in touch with loved ones. Look up old friends.

*Saturn stands still at 29 of Gemini and turns retrograde 10/11 until 2/22/03. Reevaluate any changes you’ve made in how you structure your life, or your life’s structures. Anything you’ve reorganized since spring may need some tweaking. Re-learning an old skill?

And now, for your Sign this Week.

Aries (3/20~4/20): Work & Study issues mess with your dreams of freedom – and vice versa. Time to let go of old grudges? Flexibility helps if your weekend plans for romance get the kibosh. Take action if you have any health problems. Keep sex safe and clean!

Taurus (4/20~5/21): Been tough to get close lately? Things start to get better, but beware late week as communications with him/her may get difficult. If so, maybe it’s a clue that you both need a little room to breathe! Give – and take – space.

Gemini (5/21~6/21): Aiyee!!! The duties, responsibilities, chores, and the homework!!!! And the misbehaving cell phones and computers! Arrgh! As this peaks during mid-week, staying connected – even through the static – will see you through. Things lighten up after Mercury enters Libra 10/11.

Cancer (6/21~7/22): Early week: intensity with a current, would-be, or former lover. Mid-week: buckle down. Pay attention to your work and your health. Weekend: Emotional outbursts may be just the thing you need to experience to know how you really feel. What do you mean you “Shouldn’t feel that way”? Accept your emotional truths.

Leo (7/22~8/23): Take advantage of opportunities to grow and expand, but guard against over-doing. Adding new contacts to your “network” is the thing to do. The ball is in your court as to how you will respond to chances to display your leadership style. Courage means facing your fears – or simply out-growing them!

Virgo (8/23~9/23): “Knowing” means more than knowing just the details. You risk not seeing the forest for the trees. Step back to see the bigger picture. Withhold your judgments unless you are asked for them. That way you could get a clue about how others see the situation.

Libra (9/23~10/23): For the last couple of weeks, you’ve been experiencing first hand the meaning of the saying “No passion without resistance”. The quick fix of eating or buying more “stuff” doesn’t fill your inner hunger. Dig deep within to discover your true resources.

Scorpio (10/23~11/22): Yes, you are attractive. Yet to gain anything positive from that, you must be in integrity. But hey! Being in integrity just makes for more intensity. Wrestling with desire makes you feel more alive and is your way of discovering the truths of who you are.

Sagittarius (11/22~12/21): After a great weekend, it’s time to get back to the grind. Learning consists of discovering one truth after another. Those pesky details that you so disdain can lead you to awareness of higher and larger truths. But you have to deal with them to get there. Weekend arguments.

Capricorn (12/21~1/20): Narrow thinking, by you or others, continues to dog you if you are unaware. What you used to think of as stable supports may now appear to be unreasonable restrictions. So-called “Opportunities” may really be new burdens in disguise. Look before you leap!

Aquarius (1/20~2/18): For years now it seems, you’ve been asserting your independence. But lately it may be dawning on you that to be truly free means you must engage with another to see yourself in a different light. Dig: In order to be “different”, there must be “another” to be different from. Get it?

Pisces (2/18~3/20): Last week’s low energy levels wear off and you can get back on track. Over the long term, the groups with which you associate are reflections of your spiritual beliefs. Feel free to experiment with different belief systems, but exercise caution before swallowing any belief hook, line, and sinker.

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