Daily Archives: April 29, 2002

Student files protection order against art professor

An art student has filed for a protection from abuse order against a ceramics professor to keep him away from her and her artwork. Jill Atkins alleges Ceramics Professor Ray Chen purposely destroyed her artwork last semester and another professor's art work as recently as two weeks ago, thinking it was hers.

How to spend your allowance over summer vacation …

Each year the beginning of the summer movie season comes a little earlier as the studios try to get the jump on each other for the huge profits the hottest months of the year bring. If this trend continues, the summer movie season will begin around Groundhog's Day in a few years.

A whirled of art

When you are walking around the Gorham campus these last weeks of the semester, be sure to take a break and sit out on the grass behind Corthell Hall and take in the gigantic spiral sculpture. The 31-foot tall, 15-foot wide sculpture was created by senior art education major Barry Pitchfortch for his senior exhibition.

NCAA president speaks at USM

Cedric Dempsey, president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) visited USM last week to meet with coaches and administrators and spoke to students on issues the student athlete faces, as well as the future of college athletics. Dempsey has been visiting many Division III campuses across the country, and Athletic Director Al Bean's persistance brought Dempsey to this one.

Baseball coach Flaherty has 500thwin

By Elise Adams Alive Editor Division III baseball only has about 20 members in this fraternity. Don Schaly of Marietta College in Ohio, the active coach with the highest winning percentage of .813 is a member. So is Eastern Connecticut's Bill Holowaty. On Saturday, April 20 Southern Maine Coach Ed Flaherty had his 500th career win and joined the club.


Baseball 4/20 game one v. UMass Dartmouth W 5-1 4/20 game two v. UMass Dartmouth W 6-3 4/22 v. St. Joseph's postponed until April 25 at 6 p.m. due to snow showers. 4/23 @ Colby W 11-8 4/24 v. Brandeis L 7-2 4/25 v. St. Joseph's W 10-9 Overall: 21-11- 1 .

I’m Home!!!

Returning home can be tough, especially if spreading your wings at college has given you a new view of freedom. Relax. The trick is to identify the potential traps before you get trapped. The Problems: Privacy. This is the biggest issue, experts say. Parents simply have a hard time not being parental, so they may be prone to give advice or tell you what to do.

NYSP at USM brings summer fun to disadvantaged youths

Sports medicine professor Christina Beaudoin worked for the NYSP (National Youth Sports Program) at Boston College several years ago. Since her employment at USM she has often thought about that program and bringing it to USM. This summer, that will become a reality.

USM figure skater strikes gold

When's the last time you've worked for something that's been self-rewarding? Something worthy of focus, discipline, and commitment to reach a goal that takes years of hard to work to achieve? Caroline Allam, a 33-year-old graduate student in Community Planning and Development at USM's Muskie Schoo brought home the gold medal in the Ladies Interpretive I program at the United States Adult National Figure Skating Championship held at The Cube in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Southworth’s Planetarium nightsky guide

Moon watch Even though we're concentrating on the planets, don't forget to observe the Moon this week as it passes through the waxing gibbous phase. The Moon was full on Saturday, April 27. Planet watch For the first time in decades, you can still see all the naked-eye planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) in the western evening sky.


Aries (March 21-April 20).Family relations and home decisions will offer calm acceptance. Early Tuesday, expect a significant change in attitude from loved ones as past mistakes or mild disagreements slowly fade. Previous financial concerns or home obligations are accented.


AmeriCorps looking for students Only one application was received for a program seeking a minimum of 12 USM students to be community service leaders in 2002-2003 through the AmeriCorps Education Award Program. Undergraduate students who sign up receive a federal grant of $1,000.

Senate Update

Elections for executive board Elections for the executive board of next year's Student Senate were held at Friday's meeting. The executive board members of the 31st Student Senate are as follows: Leah Wentworth, chair; Tyler Stanley, vice-chair; Jessica Roy, parliamentarian; Gretchen Chesley, secretary; and Mike Norton, treasurer.

Letters to the editor continued…

To the Editor: As a two-year Executive Editor of the Free Press from 1989 to 1991, I viewed the Student Senate as adversarial and petty. As the Student Senate Chair from 1991 to 1992 I viewed petty wars with stupid people closer than I would ever have chosen to be to them.

Meet Joe Student

Name? Janessa Emmerton Age? 22 Major:? Music performance Year:? Senior Are you enjoying the beautiful weather we are having? Uh-huh. Yes I am. Do you get to spend a lot of time outside? Not as much as I'd like to. Only because I have to practice for my music recital on Saturday.

Parkside Program Benefits Area Teens and USM Students

A kickball game held last Thursday that put teens against USM "celebrities" is just one of the examples of activities offered through the Parkside Youth Empowerment Program. The program was created as a collaboration between the Parkside Community Policing Center and USM's Department of Social Work.

Question of the week

"I was once told that if you're a freshman and you want the teacher's attention you should sit in the front row. Since then I sit near the front, but not the front row." -Sarah Russo, undeclared, sophomore "I like the wall to lean on because sometimes the class gets long and I need to sleep.


Monday, April 29 The Fourth Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival, a performance of 10 ten-minute student productions, through Student Performing Artists, 8 p.m., the Main Stage at Russell Hall, Gorham campus (subject to change to the Lab Theater, downstairs in Russell Hall) $1.

Mural brings imagination to campus

Students and visitors might have noticed a colorful difference as they enter the Gorham campus from School Street. Students in a design class are painting the first large mural on campus. For a while Michael Shaughnessy, chair of the art department has felt the plain wall which stands in front of the Brooks Student Center should be livened up a bit.

Provost proposes plan to address diversity

Provost Joe Wood introduced a plan late last week to increase the use of peer review in the classroom among faculty members. "It means here's a wakeup call to remind us that along with the rights we have to frame our courses is a responsibility," said Wood, who had a message distributed to faculty members last Friday.

Free Press staffers file complaints against senator

Two Free Press staff members filed formal complaints against commuter Sen. Benjamin Hoffman last Thursday. The complaints allege a "pattern of conduct unbecoming a member of [this] esteemed organization," as indicated on a cover letter submitted to the Senate and administrative members by Executive Editor Steve Peoples on behalf of the aggrieved Free Press staff members.

New Portland parking meters met with resistance

The formerly free on-street parking available to students at the Portland campus parking on Brighton Avenue and Falmouth Street has recently been eliminated. The USM community has not responded well. "Talk about adding insult to injury!" said Madeleine Winterfalcon, administrative assistant of American and New England studies.

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: Upon reading the latest Free Press, I was shocked but unfortunately not surprised to read that there had been a sexual assault on Sunday April 14 on an off-campus location. What did surprise me was that right after that statement, Sgt. Ron Saindon of the Gorham Police Department attributed rises in assault and criminal mischief to the weather.

Year in review

Two weeks into the academic year the world changed forever. Terrorists hijacked four commercial airliners the morning of Sept. 11, guiding them into both towers of the World Trade Center and into the Pentagon. Thousands died in what was the worst terrorist attack against the United States ever.