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Meet Joe Student

Posted on April 15, 2002 in News
By Glen Bolduc


Julie Smith



Year and Major?

Senior, philosophy

Did you attend the Lecture on “Women in Need” by Shalome Odokara?


Did you enjoy it?

“Yes, very much. I thought it was really incredible because of the knowledge that she possessed and in the power of her presentation, with all of her supporting facts.”

What stood out for you about the lecture?

“The dramatic number of women who are dying of AIDS and what little

attention that it’s getting from the media.”

Did you have to go for a class and even so are you glad you went?

“No, I didn’t have to go for a class, I just went on my own and I am glad I


Do you think that USM has a fair amount of lectures?

“Yes, but I think that they could have more and they also lack a strong

ability to publicize their lectures.”

Are there any other lectures that you have seen recently that have had an

impact on you?

“Yes, the Panel Presentation that was last Friday night entitled Crossing

Cultural Borders which was about the Deaf Community. It was really, really


Has there been anything that has related to your major in any way?

“Pretty much all have been related. You can relate anything to philosophy!”

Where are you from?

“Monmouth, Maine.”

Do you think that Portland has a lot to offer in terms of interesting


“Yes, especially with the large refugee population. You have the

opportunity to be exposed to a lot that is outside of Western mainstream

European culture.”

What are you planning to do after you graduate?

“Probably go to graduate school.”


“I’ve been looking at a couple schools in Toronto where I could do grad work

in museum education. ”

Any plans to travel, say to Africa?

“Actually I have been thinking a lot about that. I just went to Ireland last

summer, that was great. I’d like to take any chance to travel I can. I’m

not planning to live in the U.S. all of my life!”

Any advice for USM students?

“Education should be a tool for compassion.”