Daily Archives: March 4, 2002

Sports for the Layperson

The NCAA, or National Collegiate Athletic Association, is a voluntary association of over 1200 schools. It is through this organization that colleges make decisions on athletic matters on a national level. They enact rules and guidelines used throughout college sports.

Men’s basketball players hungry for next season

Southern Maine men ended their season in the first round of Little East conference playoffs Feb. 19 in a game against the UMass Dartmouth Corsairs. The Huskies started out very favorably with a 27-21 lead just short of halftime. They played hard throughout the rest of the game and remained in striking distance, however giving up the win to UMD with a score of 78-67.

Costello Complex Field House gives women’s track team edge

The women's indoor track team has gone from practicing in parking lots and crowded hallways in its first year as a recognized team four years ago to practicing and competing in the sparkly new field house built a few years ago. This has not only raised the level of play, but also given Southern Maine a home field advantage this year for more meets than ever before.

Southern Maine hockey seeded third in ECAC Women’s East

Editor's note: ECAC playoffs and the printing of this publication occurred simultaneously. All efforts were made to make this write-up interesting and pertinent to any situation coming out of the weekend. Only four seasons since its inception, Southern Maine women's hockey is at the top of the rankings.

Winter sports round-up

Men's indoor track wound down this season with the setting of three school records at the New England Div. III Championships at Bates College in Lewiston. Freshman Adam Lang broke the 600 meter record for the second week in a row at this meet with a time of 1:25.

Lady Huskies make another journey to the tourney

For the sixteenth time in the last 17 years, Southern Maine women participated in the NCAA Div. III basketball tournaments, as well as brought home the Little East Conference Tournament Championship trophy for the eighth time in the last 10 years. "We play our best ball at tournament time," said coach Gary Fifield.

Health Beat

Chapped lips are a result of very dry skin on the lips. Dry skin occurs when the moisture, or water, content of the skin is decreased for any reason. The surface of the skin holds a certain amount of water and when the water content decreases, the skin becomes dry, itchy, and uncomfortable.


Surveys look at student health behaviors The College of Nursing and University Health Services formed a partnership. Over the next three semesters they will be focusing on the health needs of students at USM. This semester juniors in the College of Nursing will be distributing a survey to 2,100 randomly selected students.

Senate Update

No smoking anywhere on campus? Two University officials presented a plan that may mean the end of smoking anywhere at USM. Joe Austin, director of Residential Life and Pamela Clay-Storm, a professional nurse at USM Health Services on the Portland campus discussed plans to eliminate tobacco smoking from all residence halls, as well as the academic, office and all other buildings that are part of the University of Southern Maine campuses.

Southworth’s Planetarium nightsky guide

WINTER SKYWATCHING TIPS Today, we delve into the more practical aspects of simple star-gazing. The winter sky has a rich array of bright stars, star clusters and nebulae that you can observe with the unaided eye. Even though we are starting to truly notice the increase in daylight since the solstice, the winter night lasts slightly more than 12 hours.


Aries (March 21-April 20). Recent flirtations become serious. Many Aries natives will experience an intensive phase of passion and renewed sensuality. Solid commitments will be a continuing theme. Use this time to resolve vague promises or romantic mistrust.

Meet Joe Student

Name? Ryan Curry Major and year? Undeclared, sophomore. Age? 22 Where are you from? Union, Maine What brought you to USM? The city atmosphere. Do you enjoy the city now that you are here? Yes What do you do for fun? The usual college stuff, I work and go to school full-time.


I found another great breakfast stop that is quaint, cozy and full of flavors. The Friendship Cafe on Congress Street stands out with its bright yellow storefront and its friendly and refreshing pineapple trademark that decorates the place both inside and out.

Academy prepares again to pit talent against popularity

Picking Oscar winners is not a logical process. Academy voters are schizophrenic in their choices and predicting their behavior is next to impossible. They will choose winners based on performance or throw away an Oscar because they think someone is old enough to get one.

“Woods” is not your momma’s fairy tale

Who ever heard of Little Red Riding Hood carrying a concealed weapon? Or Cinderella's Prince being a cheating bastard? These classic fairy tales are brought to life with a contemporary twist by the Music School and Theater Department's production of "Into the Woods.

Greek blues coming to Corthell Hall

By Scott Marcoux Arts and Entertainment Editor Greek blues returns to USM this week when DEPTAM, the Municipal Ensemble of Mytilene, Greece performs Saturday in the Corthell Concert Hall. The event, "Rembetika: The Greek Blues," is another part of this year's USM Convocation, "Diaspora: Meanings of Home.


Tuesday, March 5 "The Thin Line," one-woman play addressing eating disorders followed by a panel discussion, 2 p.m., Luther Bonney Auditorium. Sponsored by the Women's Studies Student Organization. Free and open to the public, 780-4289. "Life on the Run," exercise and diet workshop free and open to the public, March 5, 12 p.

A look through Academy Hall

Nestled up on a hill, set back from route 114 just north of College Avenue, Academy Hall blends in with the rural splendor of Gorham. At first glance, the Academy building might seem like a typical New England structure, with its cupola, stark white clapboard exterior and typical green shutters.

ROTC may return to USM

After disappearing from campus for over a decade, Reserve Officer Training Corps, or ROTC, may be coming back to USM. ROTC is an opportunity to earn money for college and represent the country while working towards a degree. The program was active at USM until 1990, but fell through due to lack of awareness and funds, according to Bob Caswell, executive director of Media and Community Relations.

Professors to write book on child labor

Three professors in the Social Work Department were given an opportunity to write a textbook on international child labor. The textbook will be included in a series of books examining child labor issues from country to country, and will be used by high school students.

Women’s Resource Center a Target of Vandalism

Khasyaw Wortham, a junior criminology major began working at the Women's Resource Center this semester. Her first duty was to create a bulletin board about reproductive rights, which showcased options for women regarding contraception and pregnancies. Wortham exhibited the bulletin board in the Woodbury Campus Center in late January.

Support your team!

To the Editor: I am a diehard fan of the women's basketball team and am appalled at the lack of support given by the students of this University. The team achieved a home game in the Division III tournament Wednesday night and seats were empty. This University has many accomplished sports teams and the (lack of) support for them is an embarrassment to the school.

Smokers need to be more aware

To the Editor: I just visited someone who lives in Phillipi Hall, the new dorm in Gorham. I'm not going to comment on the workmanship, but by all appearances the building outranks all other dorms at USM in comfort and hospitality. That is, if you overlook the copious amounts of cigarette butts that are accumulating around the front door.

Not as fair as it sounds

To the Editor: I read the article regarding the benefits being extended to same-sex and unmarried heterosexual couples. The article would have us believe that we all have equal access to the same benefits, but we do not. The fact of the matter is that married heterosexuals get their partners and families covered with pre-tax dollars.