Friday, Feb.1

Criminal mischief was reported when a hole was discovered in the second floor wall of Portland Hall’s Yankee Clipper wing.

Monday, Feb.4

Christopher Bubar,19, was arrested near Robie Hall for criminal mischief after he jumped on the hood of a Gorham police car while officers were speaking to him. Bubar was later transported to Cumberland County jail.

Criminal mischief was again reported on the first floor Yankee Clipper when someone had discharged a fire extinguisher.

Theft of cash, a wallet and book bag from a dorm room was reported on sixth floor Dickey Hall. The room is believed to have been unlocked.

Theft of a backpack and purse from a dorm room was reported on third floor Dickey. The room was also believed to have been unlocked.

Tuesday, Feb.5

Theft of a wallet and cell phone from a dorm room on sixth floor Dickey was reported. The room was believed to have been unlocked.

“I strongly encourage all people to secure their doors and protect their belongings at all times,” said Detective Sgt. Ron Saindon. “It is probably the same person committing the thefts, most likely a resident, because the way the quads are set up in the Towers, you would notice if someone didn’t belong.”

The thefts are currently under investigation.

Criminal mischief was reported when someone’s vehicle hit the fire hydrant, causing damage, by the grounds garage in Gorham.

Harassment and threatening was reported at the Lewiston-Auburn campus.

Because the case is currently under investigation, and due to the nature of the complaint, Saindon could not comment on any of the details.

Thursday, Feb.7

It was reported that someone had been tampering with a computer at an office desk in Portland. Saindon could not identify the location because he had not yet received the report.


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