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Be it our Puritan origins, or over 80 years of curse on our beloved Red Sox, New England sports fans are some of the most superstitious people on Earth. Hence our pessimism. The number one rule of the New England fan is to cheer our team, but never ever say out loud that they could win.

The driving force behind Busby

No one is talking. Kelly Busby starts her motion by swinging her left arm. Five. Four. With a twist of her wrist she brings her arm across her body and swirls the 20-pound weight over her head like a cowboy getting ready to lasso a calf. Three. Two. The intensity builds as she lowers the weight to her mid section and explodes into a final full-body twist.

Health Beat

Eating Disorders - The Basics - Are you, or is someone you know, preoccupied with dieting, weight control, or body size? - Do you fast or significantly restrict your diet in order to lose weight quickly or to avoid gaining weight? - Do you feel "fat" even though others reassure you that you are of normal weight and size, or even "skinny"? - Have you ever taken a laxative or made yourself vomit after a meal in order to avoid weight gain? These behaviors are some of the most common and observable symptoms associated with eating disorders.


Service Valentines Project It's time to make the Valentine cards. On Feb. 11 at 6 p.m. in the Brooks Student Center in Gorham, Circle K is sponsoring a service project for all students. Valentine cards will be made for the Jack Elementary School. The Jack students currently go to school in a converted office building on Congress Street.

Southworth Planetarium Nightsky Guide

MOON-WATCH The Moon was full on Jan. 28. The Moon reached the last quarter point on Feb. 4. The new Moon is Feb. 12. PLANET-WATCH Mercury has vanished into the solar glare and will not be visible again until later in the month. Venus is a bright object, but it is not observable this month because it is in superior conjunction with the Sun, which is much brighter.


Aries (March 21-April 20). Four weeks of business misinformation and disjointed work communications will fade over the next few days. Watch for a new wave of business ambition to arrive. Listen to your instincts. . Family and romantic relationships will intensify.

What is your most memorable Valentine’s Day experience?

"When I was young, my mom used to give me something to bring to the teachers. It made me feel so embarrassed." Pat Rivard, criminal justice, sophomore "I remember in school we used to put cards in little mail boxes for each other. Everybody sat down and opened them up, and there was all this candy.


As it gets closer to Valentine's Day, it's good to know a restaurant with romantic and elegant dining. An Italian restaurant that exemplifies just that is located in Portland's West End, hidden among the residential buildings along Congress Street. The Roma Caf? was founded in 1924 and moved from 489 Congress Street to its current location in 1935.

“Bedroom” deserves Academy recognition

"In the Bedroom" is one of the best films of the past few years. This work of art doesn't pull tricks to shock or manipulate emotions, but meticulously creates a unique situation where the moviegoer isn't passively watching, but becomes entangled in the complicated reactions characters confront after a horrible tragedy.

Monologues arrive in time for V-Day

The Vagina Monologues are back! The student-run production is being presented in accordance with V-Day, a college initiative to celebrate women and end sexual violence. The presentation is sponsored by the USM Women's Resource Center and 10 percent of the proceeds will go to RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afganistan), the rest towards Family Crisis Services, and Sexual Assault Response Services.

African women tell a story of home

By Scott Marcoux Arts and Entertainment Editor The four women onstage are trying to be serious, but they keep breaking into giggles. Then one says something in French, and they lose themselves to laughter. One might expect a director to be frustrated with her performers' progress, but instead Emmanuelle Chaulet smiles at the joke before patiently redirecting them.


Monday, Feb. 11 "You the Man," Maine premiere of one-man show about domestic violence, by Portland-based playwright and social activist Cathy Plourde. 7 p.m. at Portland High School Auditorium. Sponsored by the Portland YWCA, and introduced by Portland Police Chief Mike Chitwood.

February to celebrate black history

February commemorates Black History Month, and the University is holding nine campus events to celebrate it. Even though Maine is one of the whitest states in the country, organizers want to make the campuses a welcoming atmosphere that celebrates, as well as understands, the diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial experiences of students and the surrounding community.

Eating disorder awareness on campus

Jen Decker knows first hand the struggles of a woman with an eating disorder. Hers started when she gained weight due to a medication she was on. Soon, she decided to go on a 500-calorie diet. The junior social work major and event coordinator at the Women's Resource Center said she felt good when she saw the numbers going down on the scale.

USM offers spring break alternatives

The temperature drops, the snow arrives, winter returns and the University community begins to plan for spring break in March. There are plenty of vacation opportunities for students to take advantage of this year. Advertisements are posted around promoting traditional spring break trips to places like Daytona Beach or Cancun.

Expanded UMS health insurance coverage

The University of Maine system is in the process of expanding its health insurance coverage to extend the same benefits to unmarried heterosexual couples that are now enjoyed by married couples and unmarried same sex couples. These benefits apply only to employees and faculty of the University of Maine System and their domestic partners, and not students and domestic partners.

Do you remember your worst Valentine’s Day?

Flowers, candy and cards, signed, sealed and delivered. It's that time of the month. The holiday that has a love/hate relationship with society. Valentine's Day. Girls fantasize what their boyfriend will give them, or frantically worry whether or not they'll have a date by Feb.

President addresses plan to increase parking costs

During my 10 years at USM, I've heard more complaints about the shortage of parking than any other issue. Last fall we took a large step toward a solution when voters approved $8 million in bond money to support the construction of an education center/parking garage.

Common sense?

To the Editor: In reply to the article of Campus SECURITY Examined and the student comments within, I would like to know how an institution that is for higher education selects students who are so ignorant in their choice of words. In regards to the comment that positive and negative attitudes help determine or are even a factor if a person is to going to be raped I think is ludicrous.

Shocked by quote

To the Editor: I was more than a little shocked last week to read in The Free Press that, "If you walk around campus.thinking that you are going to get raped, then you probably will. But if you walk around with a positive attitude and don't think you are going to get raped, you probably won't.


To the Editor: Strongly opposed to the price hike for parking at USM in the upcoming years, I've been reading the editorial section of The Free Press for the past couple of weeks to see how my fellow schoolmates feel. I see that there are mixed feelings, and various offers for solutions.

A long road

There were ten of us there holding hands. It was a moment of intense introspection. I had been let down so many times before. There had been countless heartbreaks. Fumbles on the 1-yard line. Interceptions. Wild pitches. Untimely errors. Bill Buckner. And that damn Bambino.

USM looks at expansion patterns

After recently purchasing another house on School Street in Gorham, the University now controls most of that street. It's the fifth house USM purchased in Gorham in the past 15 years. During that same time, the University has purchased 24 houses around the Portland campus, causing several neighborhood groups to complain to the city about overcrowding and parking problems.

Westphal chosen as new chancellor

Joseph Westphal, a former official in the U.S. Department of Defense, will be the new chancellor for the University of Maine System, officials announced last week. Westphal, who currently works as an attorney in the Washington D.C. area, was most recently the acting secretary of the U.