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“Down” portrays modern war

"Black Hawk Down" is an exciting film with so much intense action that the audience may find it almost unbearable, not just because of the tension the film produces, but because it is a horrific true story. Based on the U.S. military excursion that went wrong in the city of Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993, which killed nearly 20 American soldiers and 1,000 Somalis, the film can be very disturbing due to its unrelenting desire to truthfully depict modern warfare.


Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and finding a place that satisfies you right to the core is hard to come by. I think I can finally say I've found just that place. DeVito's Old Market Grill on Washington Avenue serves a breakfast much like one cooked in your own kitchen, and better.

Paintings made of sand …

Lobsang Samten's sand painting is beautiful, but it is not for sale or permanent display. The sand mandala he is creating at the USM Art Gallery doesn't even belong to him. "It is like a cake for Mother Earth," said the Tibetan artist. "The idea is that sand comes from Earth, so we give it back to the Earth.

Lady Huskies Continue to Rule the Court

Southern Maine Women's basketball is impressive again this year with a 14-game winning streak, and looking towards NCAA Tournament action this March. 2000 saw the Huskies to the National Championship Finals in Danbury, Connecticut. This year the team has had a very strong showing against conference teams, and historically has done well in the tournaments to follow the regular season.


Vermont native Jaime Zahm is one of the league's strongest players. She leads the Huskies in rebounds, and the league in field goal percentage. "She has a nose for the ball," says Coach Gary Fifield regarding Zahm's rebounding skill. "It's instinctive, and she has decent quickness to get to the ball.

Weekly sports Schedule

Jan. 29 Women's Ice Hockey v. Colby 7pm Jan. 30 Women's Basketball @ St. Joseph's 5:30pm Men's Basketball @ St. Joseph's 7:30pm Feb. 1 Women's Ice Hockey v.Sacred Heart 7pm Men's Ice Hockey @ St. Anslem 7:30pm Feb. 2 Wrestling @ Roger Williams/Rhode Island College 12noon Men's Indoor Track @ Bowdoin invitational 1pm Women's Basketball v.

Sports for the layperson

What is a double-double? This basketball term describes the feat of a player scoring at least 10 points in a game, and also getting at least 10 assists, rebounds, blocked shots, etc. The most common second statistic is rebounds. "Double - double" denotes a pair of two-digit statistics.

Health Beat

Using latex condoms consistently and correctly during sexual intercourse is a safe way to protect against unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Natural membrane ("skin") condoms have pores that are sometimes large enough to allow HIV and other sexually transmitted viruses to get through.


Rodney's going Greek Sigma Phi Epsilon gave a special invitation to a non-Greek member of the USM committee to join its national organization. Rodney Mondor, Greek advisor and assistant director of student involvement, is a counselor and advisor for Greeks and handles Greek matters in Gorham, but is not a Greek himself.

Senate Update

Advisers on advising Representatives from the office of Advising and Academic Resources were invited to speak at last Friday's Senate meeting. Beth Higgins, director of Academic Advising and Enrollment Services, spoke at length about the role of her department and later addressed questions and concerns from senators.

Southworth’s planetarium nightsky

Go outside at 7 p.m. this evening and observe the eastern sky. There will you find a large diamond. Each point in that diamond is marked by a bright celestial object. The brightest of these points, Jupiter, is at the northern tip. The second brightest point, Sirius, is at the bottom.


Aries (March 21-April 20) Sibling relations and family discussions may require extra attention. Remain sensitive to the career plans of others. Loved ones may feel vulnerable concerning recent business accomplishments, power struggles with managers or future goals.

Question of the week

"I would definitely go with pants, but dressy pants." Kate Whitelaw, undeclared, sophomore "Shirt and tie. I'd be funny about my outfit. But colorful and I'd probably wear a hat." Steve Maxim, therapeutic recreation, sophomore "If people would get dressed up for it , would I go with the flow?" Beth Tatro, therapeutic recreation, senior "I'd definitely wear a suit.

Meet Joe Student

Name? Amy Richards Major and year? psychology, freshman Age? 19 Where are you from? Vassalboro. Why are you interested in psychology? I took it in high school. Did you do well? Yep. What else do you do besides study psychology? Go out. Did you stay here for the weekend? Yeah, I didn't really feel like going home.


Tuesday, Jan. 29 Open House for the Master of Social Work (MSW) Program Room 311 Masterton Hall, 4:30-6 p.m. Refreshments, faculty and staff available, info on major and social work careers. FMI 780-4120. Pagan Students Association meeting Husky Hut, in the Brooks Campus Center, Gorham campus, 6:30 p.

Task force looks at student involvement

Almost 90 percent of USM's student population is commuter students. Many simply come to campus for their classes and leave directly after. University officials and campus leaders are trying to do something about this disconnection. "There's a lot of research that proves that students that are involved outside of the classroom do better academically, and are more satisfied with their campus experiences," said Chris O'Connor, assistant to the Vice President for Student Governance and Organization Development.

Muskie analyst studies health care in New Zealand

Paul Saucier, a senior policy analyst at the Muskie School, is one of two Americans chosen to study aspects of the New Zealand health care system. The program is sponsored by the Ian Axford Fellowship in Public Policy in partnership with the Commonwealth Fund of New York.

Rushin’ around campus

Editor's Note: We sent staff writer Erin Zwirn to a rush to find out what it's all about. She explains her experience and takes a look at what rushes mean to Greek life. Colorful flyers promoting Greek organizations decorate the Gorham and Portland campuses.

Things get formal this spring

Although many people probably wonder why University of Southern Maine does not annually have a formal or semi-formal dance, the question rarely arises. But there's something new being planned for this semester. "The best is yet to come," according to Leslie Rocheleau, a student and resident assistant who is helping to plan USM's first formal dance in recent memory.

A day to honor commuters

Have you ever had the feeling of being "trapped" on campus for hours upon hours while waiting between classes? You don't want to leave because you'll lose your parking space, but after a while you just can't study anymore. This is the life of a commuter student.

Wrong solution

To the Editor: All students are about to be assessed a fee based upon their 'credit hours' to build a parking garage for a mere 600 vehicles that appears to be pacifying the City of Portland and not as an accommodating remedy to the parking crisis at USM.

What missing papers?

To The Editor, How refreshing to know that crime still does pay! As I believed it would happen, the issue regarding the removal of The Free Press has been swept under the rug. One member of the Student Senate has told me the case of Senator Pergola and his involvement of the removals of our paper and the suppression of free speech has, in effect, been forgotten.

Fee critic

To the Editor: Thank you for your insightful article on the parking fee increase (the Student Senate is protecting whose interests . . . their own?) and your strong editorial condemning the increase. Subsidizing parking by assessing fees on all student credit hours penalizes those students who believe it is better to reduce pollution by getting to campus another way.

Fee outrage

To the Editor: I am outraged over the proposal to increase the parking fee to almost three times what students are paying now. $100 to $200 dollars for a parking space that you're not even guaranteed to get is extreme, and many students cannot afford it. USM has many students who have children and families to take care of and simply cannot afford another couple hundred dollars for school.