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Online classified ads.

Newspaper, 14, dies in Portland

For the past 14 years, few in Portland haven't picked up the Casco Bay Weekly for movie listings, a favorite column, a political cartoon, or a giggle at obscene personals. It has been a staple of Portland culture, a source of information on the sometimes seedy underbelly of Portland politics, a voice for the non-mainstream.

Carpooling and vanpooling gets the green light

Sarah Wolpow travels from New Gloucester every Tuesday. She carpools with a neighbor, who drops her off at the Portland campus. She gives him $2 for gas money every week. After her night class, she catches a ride home with a classmate who only wanted $10 for gas for the semester.

The Free Press Parking Quiz

When students return from winter break some will be busy getting textbooks, setting goals and organizing for their spring semester; others will be circling in their cars around the Portland campus in a total panic because they paid no attention to the construction schedule. The obvious is that the Bedford Street lot will lose 350 spaces, leaving only 175 spaces available for parking. Parking will be tough. People might be a little bitter. The quiz below is designed to give you valuable information to possibly help navigate the parking situation.


Weekly news briefs.

Find a bargain at USM’s Surplus Store

The USM Surplus Store is an avenue for everyone from students to the general public to purchase old department property at a fraction of the original cost. Reminiscent of an indoor lawn sale, the Surplus Store is home to everything from used office furniture to fully-operational telecommunications equipment.

Crime on campus

Weekly report of crime on campus, as per USM PD's crime logs.

The library: where traditional and online resources come together

For every university there is a library. Regardless of their majors, almost all college students are expected to do at least some form of research during their college careers, and a library is the best place to do this.

Rookie Jones makes first start

The Lady Huskies improved their record to 4-1 on the season and still have three important games before the break. They appear to be in traditional form for a USM women's basketball team, having had their only loss come in double-overtime against No. 2 nationally-ranked Bowdoin. The game against UNE ,however, was not one of USM's best performances of the season.

Notes from the Sports Desk

There are several things that have come across my desk this week that may be crucial for the improvement of your winter. The University Community Recreation & Fitness Program offers a few forms of athletic entertainment at discounted rates that I could not let go unheard. Many of these offers have hidden appeals that are not announced to you through simple advertisement.

Sports scores and schedule

Weekly sports score summary and upcoming schedule.

Don’t Fall Apart!

This week's Health Beat describes methods to reduce stress during finals and end of term madness.

The thin line between freedom and hate

Where does free speech end? This volatile question is being asked across the U.S. in every possible context. The American Civil Liberties Union's Website notes the First Amendment exists "precisely to protect the most offensive and controversial speech from government suppression."

Mitchell on Middle East peace

Former U.S. Senator George Mitchell spoke last week at the conference , "Is Peaceful Co-Existence Possible?" sponsored by the World Affairs Council and USM. Mitchell, former senate majority leader. also served as special advisor to President Clinton in the Northern Ireland Peace Accords.

AIDS Day observed at USM

Dec. 1 marked World AIDS Day, a day on which people around the world mourn those claimed by the disease and educate people about it as well. With such startling statistics, education about HIV and AIDS is still needed.

What’s all that racket??

Some people left when it all started. Some people stayed. Some people got upset, and some just went away. This semester, the Portland Events Board aggressively hunted artists and bands to play at USM for the new "Weekly Wednesdays" mini-concert series. The most unusual part about these events is that the PEB has concerts during peak school hours.

Thespians let loose

The semester is winding down and while most students are avoiding extra tasks that may consume valuable time, one group of students is voluntarily readying themselves to entertain their peers and each other. Student Performing Artist's or SPA, is hosting a cabaret during finals week.

Harry Potter, magical wizard, is at it again

In "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" the world's favorite boy wizard is back fighting evil to the delight of moviegoers and readers everywhere.

Allan, Steve Allan is… James Bond

"Die Another Day" is a return to the pulpier side of Ian Fleming's espionage world where evil geniuses hatch incredible plots of world domination from the comfort of their incredibly cool fortresses, where sinister henchmen wreak destruction and beautiful women are plentiful. This is a return to the Saturday matinee James Bond that seemed to have dwindled over the years, which is both good and bad.

Falling into a playwright

Imagine unabashedly baring the contents of your most personal inner workings to an audience of over 100 strangers: it is a scary contemplation for most. USM graduate Jennifer Bowdish thinks so too, but she's ready to face the crowd and the criticisms that may come with it. Bowdish who graduated from USM seven years ago with a bachelors degree in theater is presently the center of attention in the theater department.

“Let’s get loud” and proud at the drag show

Come out, come out wherever you are! The drag queens and kings lit up the stage at Woodbury Campus Center last week. Only a few broken nails and broken earrings put a damper on the stage.

Planet Digest

Astrology shows possibilities... you have the power of choice! This week's Planet Digest

Meet Joe Student

Meet Brian Farrell, History major.


The Lewiston-Auburn campus at USM offers a program for students who have the desire to become educators. It is a non-traditional, undergraduate program called CLASS (Collaborative Learning and School Success) PDS (Professional Development School). It is an intensive four-and-a-half-year program available to undergraduate students interested in teaching at the K-8 level.