I am sick of the story about The Free Press thefts. This has been three weeks now, and honestly I do not care anymore.

The papers were stolen, at first I thought it was a big deal, now it’s like laddi-freaking-da, the papers were stolen. People made bad decisions, let’s move on with our lives. In these past weeks the paper has raved about being a free speech medium, and you, Mr. Steve Peoples, have claimed that you would like the paper to have a better relationship with the Greek community. If you are searching for a better relationship, why then did you choose to use this week’s column to personally attack pergola? Personally I thought your column sounded just as immature as you claimed Pergola’s quote from The Press Herald was. If there was any issue of the paper for Pergola to steal it should be this week’s. Not only did you personally attack him, but you tried to get the campus on your side. And if you think college is about growing up and learning then maybe you should consider that harsh punishment has never really helped anyone to grow up and be mature.

Corey Grout

sophomore, media studies major


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