To the Editor:

The world of being politically correct in every sentence and thought is getting a little irritating. No longer can a person simply write a letter to the editor and make a simple suggestion without anger and offending someone. In the April 26 Letters to the Editor, Amy Ouellette responds to my suggestion that “Maybe the University can make this an option for those over 30?” I was referring to the topic of the USM health fee for nontraditional students who already posses health insurance. Ms. Ouellette called my suggestion “discriminatory” and stated she was “offended” by the suggestion. It seems that this world is often too concerned with being so politically correct that they eventually cause harm to the system of communications itself. If one looks back at the letter I wrote in the April 16 edition of The Free Press one may note that I stated ” an older, nontraditional student”. First, personally, I don’t feel I am in any position at the age of 36 to speak to twenty-something issues and anyone who knows me knows I am far from discriminatory. Secondly, my letter was merely a suggestion, a starting point to debate, on the health fee insurance costs for nontraditional students. My letter of the 16 was in response to the April 9 letter of another nontraditional student. Lastly, I personally am not concerned that Amy was offended because no offense was ever intended. I personally find more concern in anyone who appears so angry, about so many issues, and is a junior psychology major, who is so easily offended.

L.S. Dell


Communication major


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