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Making ends meet

One little-celebrated aspect of USM's diversity is the school's high percentage of student parents. On-campus daycare and the full selection of evening classes are making it easier for parents to get a degree. Easier, but not easy. The Women's Resource Center sponsored an event last Wednesday that gave mothers and mothers-to-be a chance to get together and relax.

Open up and say AH

Apthous ulcers ("canker sores") are the most common oral irritation in young adults. An apthous ulcer is a shallow erosion with a yellow-white center surrounded by a narrow, red ring. They are most often oval-shaped, with a diameter of 1/8 inch to one inch.

Senate Update

Take your pick Tina Aldrich, coordinator of Portland Campus Recreation, spoke with the Student Senate regarding the various on-campus and outside recreational opportunities students can get involved in. "Most activities are located on the Portland campus, but are available for all students who are part time and full time," said Aldrich.


Parking/ RHA The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is sponsoring a meeting Monday, Dec. 3 in Gorham addressing the issue of parking on the Gorham campus. Students, staff, and faculty are invited to attend the meeting to state their concerns about parking, ask any questions, and voice any suggestions for improvements.

A Maine visionary

Amid the cold cement floors, stone pillars and orange extension cords of the Glickman Family Library's unfinished fifth floor stood hundreds of supporters gathered to support USM's president. The celebration marked Richard Pattenaude's tenth anniversary in that position.


Monday Activate. Lecture by author, poet, activist and journalist John Ross entitled "Killing Hope-Mexico Rejects Indian Rights Law," detailing the conflict between the Zapatista movement and the Mexican government. 7-8:30 p.m. Woodbury Campus Center rooms A, B, C.

USM and the gay community gain in acquisition of the Peabody Papers

Last summer, Maine's leading AIDS activist and exemplary member of the Portland community, Frances Peabody, passed away. Members of her estate recently donated a large number of her files to USM and the Glickman Library. The collection includes hand-written journals on her activities, photographs, and a collection of VHS movies.

Renaissance woman

It's not the fact that she drives a fire-engine red 2000 Kawasaki Ninja 600 that makes her well known on campus, although it probably helps. Marcy Muller is a senior sociology major. She is the Chair of the Student Senate, member of the Gorham Events Board, a representative to the Board of Trustees, captain of the volleyball team and has done Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field.

Registration Game

We've all had the phone call from our respective mothers, fathers or someone else with supervising status. Have you registered for classes yet? Why not? When are you going to? Surely these motivating phone calls will move many students to register for classes on time.

Newspaper case still under review

The USM Office of Community Standards is still reviewing the actions of Anthony Pergola, Cyrus Dulac, and Jonathan McCorkill in order to determine whether or not conduct charges should be brought against them for taking over a thousand copies of The Free Press.

Planning Board forces USM to address parking

A decision by the Portland Planning Board will force the University to take serious steps in building a parking garage, perhaps sooner than it planned. Last week the board voted to approve the University's plan for a two-story $10 million bio-science facility on the Portland campus, but with a major stipulation.

Do part-time professors add up to a complete education ?

Increases in the number of part-time instructors at the University of Southern Maine are causing concerns and raising complaints. "I'm concerned for the quality of education at the University," said Briggs Seekins, a part-time English instructor. "It's a scandal the way the administration treats the status of part-time workers.

Money up for Grabs

To The Editor: As you probably know, the University awards a number of scholarships which are presented each year at Recognition Day to commend outstanding achievement by our students. In order to be considered for scholarships, students must apply in advance (or be nominated by faculty members).

Get to know Greek

To the Editor, I was informed of the alleged theft of The Free Press through several of the students still attending school there. I agree, it was unfortunate. Perhaps it was a misunderstanding, perhaps not. The DA felt there was not enough evidence to pursue the case, but this does not prove their innocence, or their guilt.

Personal responsibility important

To the Editor: Last week's editorial by Mr. Peoples regarding the actions of Mr. Pergola and his minions addressed an age-old assumption, 'if I wasn't convicted, I must be innocent'. We have all witnessed technicalities being implemented to avoid conviction in our legal system, which in no way render true guilt null.

Press should be fair

Letter to the Editor, In response to your editorial, The games go on, I find it amusing that you portray yourself as the advocate of free speech on behalf of the USM student body. The reality is, when you allowed an article in your publication to be printed that misrepresented the large group of students in the Greek community, you were actually guilty of restriction of free speech by polling students who weren't remotely associated with Greek life.

Enough Already

I am sick of the story about The Free Press thefts. This has been three weeks now, and honestly I do not care anymore. The papers were stolen, at first I thought it was a big deal, now it's like laddi-freaking-da, the papers were stolen. People made bad decisions, let's move on with our lives.

Where do you see USM in 10 years?

"Absolutely no parking whatsoever. I seriously see space as a big issue because we're getting bigger." Melissa Jones, nursing, junior "I think it will have a lot more developed programs." Jesse Wertheim, early studies program "I think we'll see a lot of older students as we go along.

USM Police Logs

Sunday, Nov.11 18 year old Timothy McLaughlin of Woodward Hall was summonsed to court for possession of marijuana. Wednesday, Nov.14 Hate-oriented messages against a student were reported. The USM police department, which does not tolerate racist crimes, is currently investigating the situation.

Meet Joe Student

Name? Tim Normand Age? 22 Year and major? I'm a senior and my major is in business administration. How long have you been in school? This is my fifth year, I'll be graduating in May. Is USM the only school you've attended? No, I went to Fort Lewis College in Colorado and UVM in Burlington.


The moon was full on November 30th and will reach the third quarter point on December 5th. This week, the moon passes through the waning gibbous phase. Where the planets are... MERCURY has vanished within the morning twilight. VENUS, the brightest planet, can still be seen low in the morning sky.


Aries (March 21-April 20) Recently postponed projects will move forward. Before midweek, watch for fellow workers to silently perform duties and seriously focus on clarifying yesterday's mistakes. Don't look back; this is a strong time for initiating joint ventures and creating better working partnerships.

Guest Column

I find stereotypes intriguing. I am particularly interested in the popular negative stereotype of stereotypes. We were all taught in elementary school not to judge people by stereotypes. Yet we need stereotypes to organize our world. We need categories to help us understand who we are in relation to others, and to what groups we do and don't belong.

Leaps and bounds

There were 11 of us in the small room. We sat at opposite ends of two tables in semi-awkward silence. It didn't look good. I had been a little nervous all day. Not really knowing what to expect from the first official meeting between The Free Press and Greek leaders.